The Magic of a Ceramic Palette

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2 min readApr 28, 2021
Nobel Ceramic Rectangular Palette and Stackable Porcelaine Palette with Lid

Palettes are an intermediary element used by the artist in the creation process. A ceramic palette possesses many key properties that make it a superior option to plastic in well palettes. Here is a brief look into the ceramic palette and why it’s a must-have!

Nobel Ceramic Flower-Style Palette


Ceramic naturally has several qualities that make it an adequate material for watercolor artists, acrylic, tempera, gouache, and even some oil painters. Ceramic is a hydrophobic material, this means that more water will be retained within your panting medium and, in consequence, will stay wet for longer. Ceramic also ensures that the paint on the surface of your palette will not break into separate smaller pools, unlike with plastic surfaces. This makes it a lot easier to spread paint out on a larger surface area, as well as improve your overall mixing of colors.

Ceramic is a material with a hyper smooth surface. This will make your palette extremely easy to clean, scratch-proof, and stain-proof. Paint will not build up or leech into the material of the palette as is commonly found with plastic. A stain-proof surface will also ensure that you are not contaminating new color mixtures.

Nobel 21 Wells Ceramic Color Tray

About our ceramic palettes:

Our ceramic palettes come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you the option to choose the palette with the number of wells or mixing area and that suits your needs best! They are of professional quality, hand-glazed, and made with pure white porcelain. The porcelain in our palettes ensures the ultimate strength, durability, and quality.

Ceramic palettes can last you a lifetime. There is nothing wrong with having a few plastic palettes, but having a few ceramic ones is a must!



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