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6 min readApr 9, 2021
Nobel Twilight brush with a round tip

The Nobel Twilight brush is a professional-grade artist brush that offers fantastic resilience, strength, and control. This is an incredibly versatile brush that can be used for any kind of painting practice with its strength lying in acrylic and oil paint use. This is a great paintbrush to add to your repertoire if you are looking for a long-lasting, durable brush that you can rely on across your practice.

A collection of round-tipped Nobel Twilight Brushes


This brush has a sleek and smooth brush point with the capability to retain a tremendous amount of water and paint for the ultimate control, precision, and a fluid paint application. The series comes in the following shapes: Bright and Round, and ranges in sizes of 1 to 12.

The Qualities:

This brush’s strength lies in its robustness and ability to adapt to any kind of practice. Its outstanding quality lies in its interlocking hair technology, which makes the filaments of the hairs curl inward towards the center of the brush. One of the biggest troubles painters experience with their brushes is damage to the bristles and the tip losing its shape over time. The interlocked hairs of this brush ensures it will maintain its shape for long periods of time, resist fraying and hairs splitting for a continual smooth and even paint application.

This brush has a handle measuring 10", making it better suited for acrylic and oil mediums. Its dark brown lacquered finish keeps the wooden handle from deteriorating and rotting. The ferrule of the brush is nickel-plated with a gold-colored finish to offer the ultimate strength and durability against corrosion and splitting. The double crimping will ensure the brush head won’t come loose or shed hairs and the hairs of this brush also extend far into the ferrule, which will further keep the bristles firmly secured and endure seepage of paint and water better than your standard brush.

A collection of bright-tipped Nobel Twilight Brushes

Interlon Hair:

Nobel Twilight brushes features Interlon hair which is a type of synthetic nylon hair that makes for a pretty remarkable durability and quality. This type of hair can adapt to all kinds of mediums, can perform thick or thin paint applications and experimentations with oil glazes and fluid acrylic paint. The Interlon hair pairs with the interlocking curvature of the hair filaments which makes each brush maintain a memory shape. The filaments of the brush will always remain curved towards the center of the brush, which is exactly what gives the brush a stiffness and strength comparable to hog bristles, but with a more precise and smoother paint application. The hairs of the brush are composed of three hair thicknesses and cuticles to replicate animal hair. This is an incredible quality to have because this means these brushes can retain paint and water at a rate comparable to pricier sable hair brushes, for example.

It is important to properly care for and maintain these brushes so they can live up to their long-lasting and robust reputation! It is in good practice to reshape the bristles of your brush after cleaning. If ever you find the brushes are losing their shape, dip the hairs of the brush into hot water to activate the memory shape of the filaments to return the brush to its original shape.

The Experience:

We put this series to the test using both watercolor and oil paint applications and here are our findings!

Oil paint:

Coverage test using a #10 bright-shaped Twilight Brush

We found these brushes performed the best when it came to coverage. We were able to apply an opaque one-layer coating of an ultramarine blue across a 5" shape with one charge. This is truly an incredible feat for a synthetic brush!

Retention and fluidity test using a #10 bright-shaped Twilight Brush

While this brush retains a lot of paint, when it comes to painting single-stroke straight lines and surfaces, you may find you will need to go over the area another time, but there is no need to recharge the brush for this!

In terms of fluidity, the brush was able to perform controlled strokes that applied even and crisp curves with one charge.

Texture test using a #10 bright-shaped Twilight Brush

This brush faired surprisingly well when applying texture! With one layer we were able to achieve a low-to-medium thickness of paint. Make sure you recharge in between applications to achieve a superior thickness!


Retention test using a #10 round-shaped Twilight Brush

We found the best application of these brushes in watercolor had to do with their ability to retain water and paint. We were able to paint dozens of lines and shapes with just one charge!

Fluidity and texture test using a #10 round-shaped Twilight Brush

Fluidity was also another strong point for these brushes. You will find the same crisp, and even curves achieved as with oil paint with a bit of natural variance in curvature and blend.

If you’re thinking about incorporating texture or dry-brush into your watercolor works, it would be best to wipe off some excess paint or test out your application before taking it to your work given this brush retains such a tremendous amount of paint!

Coverage test using a #10 round-shaped Twilight Brush

Compared to its coverage with oil paint, this brush achieved less coverage with one charge and appeared more semi-opaque in nature. This just means you may need to recharge the brush more often or apply a more translucent layer of paint!

Blending test using a #10 round-shaped Twilight Brush

We found the blending capabilities of this brush to be fair. Given these brushes offer such precision in mark-making, you will need to apply more strokes to even out the lines and you only need to keep adding water to your brush to create gradual blends and translucencies in color.

Nobel Twilight Brush in size 12 with a round tip


The Nobel Twilight brush series is one of our most reliable and trusted brushes! It really offers unbeatable quality, durability, and superior usage across all mediums. This brush is perfect for those who want the strength of hog bristles, with a more structured, smooth, and controlled paint application.



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