Nobel GOLD Brush Series

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4 min readMar 31, 2021
Nobel GOLD Brush in size 2 with a round tip

The Nobel GOLD brush series offers a luxurious, high-quality brush that is sure to enhance your creative process performance. This brush is perfect for watercolor and tempera practices and will surely exceed your expectations as no other brush has!


The Nobel GOLD brush series was meticulously crafted by craftsmen with more than 20 years of experience in the art of brush making. This is a luxury brush and one that you really feel and see the difference with when compared to other brushes. The series comes in the following shapes: Filbert, Bright, Round, Angular, Liner, Dagger, Comb & Fan, and ranges in sizes of 10/0 to 12.

Nobel Gold Brush in size 2/10 with a liner tip

The Qualities:

One of its most innovative features can be experienced through its ergonomic triangular grip handle. This handle provides the ultimate comfort and functionality, as it sits the brush perfectly into the grip of your hand. This is great when taking into account long painting sessions. The handle will also help steady your hand and allow you to have even more precision and accuracy when it comes to working with fine detail. The sable hair of these paintbrushes also allows the brushes to retain a fine point, further optimizing precise paint applications. Overall, these brushes will enhance your workflow greater than traditional brush handles.

This brush is lightweight with a handle measuring 6", making it perfect for the scale of water-based mediums. The ferrule of the brush is made from seamless brass with a 24k gold plating, which offers the ultimate strength and durability against corrosion and splitting. The double crimped ferrule will ensure the brush head won’t come loose or shed hairs.

Nobel Gold brush in size 0 with a fan tip

Sable Hair:

Nobel GOLD brushes are composed of the finest red sable hair, which is a hair proven to have the greatest water retention capabilities. This is extremely important, as you’ll want your brush to retain an adequate amount of paint and appropriately lay it down on the canvas. Sable bristles have the advantage of being suitable for most artists because they are softer than hog bristles, which means they have incredible absorption capabilities and make for some of the most flexible and elastic brushes out there. They work well with oil paint in this respect as the hair allows for smoother applications of paint compared to hog bristles; perfect for shading and blending.

Sable hair plumps up to retain liquid when dipped in paint. For watercolor, this type of hair spreads paint thinly and evenly, making it superior for shading, building up layers, and controlling your paint application. Sable brushes, when properly cared for, will maintain their shape and texture for years.

The Experience:

These brushes have been put to the test over extended periods of time and their durability has proven to be outstanding. Thinner brushes tend to lose their shape rather quickly and one has to be extra careful with the proper maintenance of these brushes. Nobel GOLD brushes not only maintain their shape, but they do not shed or lose their length!

A collection of round-tipped Nobel Gold Brushes


The Nobel GOLD Brush series is a game-changer when it comes to finding the highest quality brush built for comfort. This is an incredibly unique brush series in terms of its properties and design, making it well worth the investment!

Nobel GOLD (MERIT) brush in size 3/8 with a dagger tip

If you are looking for a worthy affordable alternative to this brush series, look to its sister series Nobel GOLD (MERIT)! This series boasts all the same properties, with exception of it sporting a nickel-plated seamless brass ferrule and golden synthetic hair.



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