Connoisseur Brush Series

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2 min readMar 12, 2021
FC ART Connoisseur Hog Hair Bristle Brushes

A good painter recognizes a quality brush almost instantaneously. Experience develops this sense for reliable materials. A good brush is quite irresistible; its unique feel is noticed as soon as it’s picked up. The Connoisseur brush series stands tall and offers long-lasting, reliable, and incredible performance.

Qualities of a good brush:

Using good quality natural hog bristle makes a huge difference in the process of painting. The bristles easily pick up paint and mediums and uniformly lays them down onto the desired surface. It is also important that your brush not shed bristles whilst in the process of painting or cleaning. Lastly, the brush should last a long time and endure lots of painting use!

Overview of the Connoisseur series:

The Connoisseur brush offers all of these qualities, and then some. This series is a professional-grade brush made of 100% unbleached hog bristle and is ideal for acrylic or oil painting due to its superior paint retention.

These brushes are more absorbent than synthetic filament, which allows the paint to flow evenly onto the bristle tufts, resulting in smooth, even strokes. They are a go-to for realistic painting!

FC ART Connoisseur Round Hog Hair Bristle Brush

The build of the brush is beautifully done. The handle has weight to it and it's finished with a gorgeous Prussian blue tone. The handle of the brush is also quite long, making it suitable to paint up close and from afar.


If properly taken care of these brushes should easily last a long time retaining their natural shape and cuticle, which is essential for achieving the very best painting results. The Connoisseur brush series is a must-have for any painter!



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