Comet Brush Series

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3 min readMar 26, 2021
Nobel Comet Brush in size 12 with a round tip

The Nobel Comet Brush Series offers exceptional quality and versatility. Specifically, this is the perfect brush for water-based mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, and tempera. You’d be surprised by the wonders and features of this series!


The Comet Brush Series was fully conceptualized to meet the highest quality standards for the artist that is focused in water-based mediums. The series comes in the following shapes: Filbert, Flat, Round, Angular, Deerfoot, Dagger, Comb & Fan, and ranges in sizes of 20/0 to 12. It won’t be hard to find the one that suits you best.

This brush is lightweight, with a handle measuring 5", making it perfect for the scale of water-based mediums. The hairs of the brush are firmly fixed into the nickel-plated ferrule of the brush, which means these brushes will not shed or corrode one bit!

Nobel Comet Brushes in angeled and flat shaped tips


The brush has exceptional water retention capabilities, this ensures that the brush retains an impressive amount of paint with one charge and therefore controls the flow of the paint, the thickness, and the transparency. This series is perfect for working with fine detail; offering brushes of all types of shapes and sizes down to 20/0. We suggest picking up a shape that you are not familiar with yet, as these brushes come in shapes unique to other brush series.

Taklon Hair:

Taklon is an impressive feat when it comes to synthetic hair. Taklon is a type of synthetic fiber derived from polyester that was designed to mimic the characteristics of sable hair. What makes it so special is that its material creates space in between the filaments that allow it to retain a similar amount of liquid to a natural hair. Taklon is also a more eco-friendly, hygienic, allergy-free, and a cruelty-free option to natural hair. Taklon also does not have the irregularities that you’ll find with natural hair, making it easier to clean and maintain!

Nobel Comet Brush in a comb-shaped tip

Taklon is trusted and used by the aerospace industry! These brushes are used on aerospace projects for fine-dusting, squeezing into tight spaces, and fine-detailed applications. The synthetic Taklon bristles of the brush are soft and flexible, but not fragile. They have just the right amount of stiffness to absorb paint and the right amount of springiness to seamlessly apply it on the canvas as you wish. These bristles are a highly durable material that resists friction and damage caused by consistent use against painting surfaces! Taking this into account and combined with their softness, these brushes are also perfect for blending!

Nobel Comet fan brush


The Comet Brush Series offers incredible value and versatility to every type of artist. Having a few of them in your brush collection is a must! After all, this series is used by the aerospace industry…which can only re-confirm how great they are!



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